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Halloween Bingo - Set of 30

Halloween Bingo - Set of 30

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This printable Halloween Bingo game is perfect for class parties, community activities, and for family fun at home.


Set includes 30 unique Bingo game cards + calling cards. Game boards are full-page sheets (8.5x11).


This Bingo set is included in the Halloween Activity Bundle. If you want MORE Halloween fun, you can purchase the bundle to get this and 11 more activities for one low price!

How to play:

  1. Print out Bingo cards and calling cards. Cut apart Bingo calling cards. Laminate, if desired.
  2. Give each player a Bingo card and 25 small markers (like candy corn).
  3. Have players put a marker on the “free” space.
  4. Flip all the calling cards upside down. Flip one right side up and call it out (example: “pumpkin!”) and help players find and mark the matching picture on their cards.
  5. Continue play until someone gets Bingo! After someone gets Bingo, you can continue the same game, or you can clear the boards and start a new round.

Variations on play:

  1. Instead of having one designated Bingo caller, allow players to take turns flipping over cards. (This only works well in small groups where you can put the cards in the middle of a table where everyone can reach.) Everyone still places a marker for each picture flipped over, NOT only the player who flipped it.
  2. Play around with the rules of what a player has to do to “win”. Require the winner to get two Bingos…or even Bingo in two different directions.

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